Macedonian association for control of intrahospital infections

Event Calendar

Year Events
  • Congress of IFIC – 2004, Porec

  • Expert meeting: Disinfection and disinfectants

  • Congress of IFIC – Istanbul

  • Expert meeting: Sterilization and sterilization control

  • Expert meeting: Medical waste – proper disposition

  • Congress of IFIC – Budapest, 2007

  • Educative workshops – TAIEX – Zagreb, 2007

  • Expert meeting: Rational usage of antibiotics

  • Educative workshops – TAIEX – Sofia, 2008

  • Expert meeting: Hand hygiene

  • Congress of IFIC – Vilnius – Lithuania, 2009

  • October, 2010 EXPERT WORKSHOP – Skopje
    Hygiene and disinfection of premises and means of taking samples from non–living environment

  • December, 2010 EXPERT WORKSHOP – Skopje
    Hygienic air as a factor in the prevention of intrahospital infections (dr. Milka Zdravkovska)
    Methods for microbiological control of sanitary safety of air
    Importance of hygienic air in operating rooms and endoscopy

  • April, 2011 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    Methods for decontamination of air (Ph.D Katja Popovska)
    Control of the sanitary safety of air in medical institutions – experience and results from the laboratory of the Centre for Public Health – Skopje (dr. Naim Islami)
    MRSA in operating rooms (dr. Vesna Gerasimovska)

  • June, 2011 EXPERT WORKSHOP – Ohrid
    Hygiene of laboratory space (Ph.D Katja Popovska)
    Disinfection of laboratory work surfaces (spec. med. analyst – Bozhica Blazhevska)
    Rules for hygienic hand washing
    (dr. Milka Zdravkovska)

  • November, 2011 – EXPERT MEETING
    Infections associated with medical accessories
    Infections associated with venous catheters (dr. Vesna Gerasimovska)
    Infections associated with urinary catheters (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

  • Congress of IFIC – Venice, 2011

  • April, 2012 SEMINAR WORKSHOPS – Dojran
    Methods for sampling the air for sanitary safety
    Methods for sampling the air for sanitary safety (Ph.D Katja Popovska)
    Proper sampling with sedimentation method packing and sending sample (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska, dr. Kiril Mihajlov)
    Proper air sampling with a sampler, packing and sending sample – (Bozhica Blazhevska)

  • June, 2012 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    Global guidelines on infection control (Ph.D Katja Popovska) Types of monitoring of intrahospital infections (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska)

  • November, 2012 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    Preventive measures of intra-hospital infections in patients treated with stem cell transplantation (dr. Zlate Stojanovski)
    Intrahospital infections in dentistry (dr. Urime Demiri–Shaipi)

  • Congress of IFIC – Zagreb, 2012

  • March, 2013 EXPERT WORKSHOP – Dojran
    Honorary guest lecturers from Serbia:
    1. Ph.D Branislava Kocich;
    2. Ph.D Marina Dinich;
    3. doc. dr. Snezhana Mladenovich–Antich;
    Antibioresistance and hot to combat it
    Characteristics of most common causes of hospital infections in terms of resistance to antimicrobial drugs. Correlation of bacterial resistance and consumption of antimicrobial agents in hospitals

  • June, 2013 EXPERT MEETING – Tetovo
    Planning on organized control hospital infections (tasks, planning tools and methods, evaluation)
    The report of the Commission for the control of intrahospital infections in Clinical Hospital – Tetovo (Ph.D. Nevzat Elezi)
    Organizational structure of the system for the control and prevention of hospital infections (Ph.D. Katja Popovska)
    Types of Research in connection with intrahospital infections (Ph.D. Milka Zdravkovska)

  • October, 2013 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    Rules and recommendations for hygienic correctness of the hospital underwear and laundry machines – (Ph.D Katja Popovska and ass. dr. Kiril Mihajlov)
    Clostridium difficile – cause of intrahospital infections and measures for prevention – (dr. Branka Petrovska)

  • Participation in ЕАCID ,,Eurasia Congress of Infectious Diseases” as a coorganizer – Tirana, 2013

    Methods for monitoring hospital infections in my health organization (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska)
    Validation process and procedures of sterilization (Petar Kozin – R. Slovenia)
    Control measures of intra-hospital infections REMEDIKA (dr. Marina Pop–Lazarova)

  • October, 2014 Annual meeting 10 years MZKIHI and promotion of the new book of prof. Katja Popovska

  • Congress of IFIC – Valletta – Malta, 2014

  • March 2015 REGIONAL MEETING – Veles
    Regional societies meeting of HAIC (health care associated infection control)

  • Ebola outbreak: lessons learned in prevention control – Lul Raka, Kosovo

  • Hand hygiene compliance in prevention – Katja Popovska

  • Hand disinfection – Albert Wanilian, Germany

  • Deratization of MDR with octenidine – Shulke Germany
    Multidimension Hand Hygiene Approach (IMHHA) among Health Care Workewrs (HCWs)

  • October 2015 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    Infection prevention of postoperative wounds

  • March 2016 EXPERT WORKSHOP – Demir Kapija
    Pre–Intra–Postoperative measures to prevent infections of surgical wounds

  • October 2016 EXPERT MEETING – Skopje
    A multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and prevention of infections of burns

  • March 2017 Microbiological quality of air and methods of sanitation in the prevention of intrahospital infections

  • March 2018 Microbiological professional meeting with workshop - Hotel Euro-Gradche, Kochani 30-31.03.2018

  • April 2019 professional meeting with workshop - Hotel Gogov, Pehchevo 05-07.04.2019