Macedonian association for control of intrahospital infections

Activities of MZKIHI

Topics discused at meetings of MZKIHI from 2004–2009

1. Disinfection and disinfectants

2. Sterilization and sterilization control

3. Medical waste – proper disposition

4. Rational use of antibiotics

5. Hand hygiene

October, 2010
Expert workshop

Hygiene of space and standards for control of hygienic correctness of the inanimate environment (Disinfection and rules for disinfection of working surfaces, taking samples from the inanimate environment for microbial screening – Ph.D Katja Popovska)

December, 2010
Expert workshop

Hygienic correctness of the air as a factor in the prevention of intrahospital infections (dr. Milka Zdravkovska)

Mehthods for microbiological control of the hygienic correctness of the air

Importance of hygienic correctness of the air in operational and endoscopic halls

April, 2011
Expert meeting

Decontamination of the air – methods (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

Control of hygienic correctness of the air in health institutions – experience and results from the laboratory in the Center of Public Health – Skopje (dr. Naim Islami)

MRSA in operation halls (dr. Vesna Gerasimovska)

June, 2011
Expert workshop

Hygiene of laboratory space (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

Disinfection of laboratory work surfaces (spec. med. analyst – Bozhica Blazhevska)

Rules of hygienic hand washing (dr. Milka Zdravkovska)

The importance of dietary preparation: Brusnicin, Uroprostal and KOPRIVIT in medicating urogenital infections with a special emphasis on patients with urinary catheters (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

November, 2011
Expert meeting

Infections associated with medical accessories

Infections associated with venous catheters (dr. Vesna Gerasimovska)

Infections associated with urinary catheters (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

April, 2012
Expert seminar

Taking samples of air for hygienic correctness – methods (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

Proper sampling with sedimentation method, packing and sending sample (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska, dr. Kiril Mihajlov)

Proper air sampling with a sampler, packing and sending sample – (Bozhica Blazhevska)

June, 2012
Expert meeting

Global directions in control of infections (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

Types of monitoring of intrahospital infections (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska)

November, 2012
Expert meeting

Preventive measures of intrahospital infections in patients treated with transplantation of parent cells (dr. Zlate Stojanovski)

Intrahospital infections in dentistry (dr. Urime Demiri–Shaipi)

March, 2013
Expert seminar

Selecting and taking samples of air with 2 methods. Standards for interpretation of the results.

Taking samples from the hands of medical workers for microbiological screening with 3 techniques.

Selecting and taking samples from inanimate environments with 2 techniques.

Control of the apparatus for sterilization.

June, 2013
Expert meeting

Planning on organized control hospital infections (tasks, planning tools and methods, evaluation)

Report of the Commission for control of intrahospital infections in Clinical Hospital Tetovo (Ph.D Nevzat Elezi)

Organizational structure of the system for control and prevention of intrahospital infections (Ph.D Katja Popovska)

Types of research in connection with intrahospital infections (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska)





October, 2013
Expert meeting

Rules and recommendations for maintaining hygienic correctness of the inanimate environment (including hospital laundry and laundy machines) (Ph.D Katja Popovska and ass. dr. Kiril Mihajlov)

Clostridium difficile – cause of intrahospital infections and measures for prevention (dr. Branka Petrovska)


EACID, Tirana


EACID, Tirana

March, 2014
International expert symposium with a workshop

Methods for tracking hospital infections in my health organization (Ph.D Milka Zdravkovska)

Validation of the process and steps of sterilization (Petar Kozin – R. Slovenia)

Measures for control of intrahospital infections in REMEDIKA (dr. Marina Pop–Lazarova)

Public health aspects of nosocomial infections